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Marginalised Women & the NSW alcohol and other drug service system




This paper was prepared for the NSW Council of Social Services (NCOSS).  NCOSS is the peak body for the health and community sector in NSW, providing vital support for delivering the sector’s core services. NCOSS works directly and collaboratively with communities, government and non-government agencies, civil society and the private sector in order to identify, review and…


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The ten to twelvers'

They all arrive at ten to twelve  -  i never see a thing,

I only hear their whispers and those songs they always sing.

I hear their little footsteps in the breezes that they bring,

& unless you really know them ... I wouldn't invite them in,

they can be a bit…


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Surveillance in the Garden of Eden







This essay is an opinion piece that looks at key interactions between surveillance, the Internet, mass media and neoliberalism through a mythological lens. The principles, structures and strategies of neoliberal capitalism work together deliberately and opportunistically for the goal of global political and economic supremacy of…


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Australia’s Invisible Intersex



"Historically, whenever a culture is on the brink of stepping into a new paradigm, members of that culture react quite predictably. As the old paradigm begins to disintegrate, people attempt to reinvigorate or reinforce the paradigm in order to try and preserve what is known and therefore safe and secure, while resisting the forces of change for fear of facing the unknown” (Noble,…


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The indiscriminate

Once born

my breath was up for sale.

Love's expensive and indifference - free.

No matter.

Infinity leaves its pale contrail but I'm the indiscriminate. 

Like a rumble of flight paths and tin canned souls

and the sheet that has lifted and taken its toll.

I'm a cluster of moments with no place to go,

a tireless movement with nothing to show,

dizzy with busy and packed full of…


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MONA and David Walsh: Is singularity of vision essential to the success of a cultural enterprise?



David Walsh is an author, gambler, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and the creator and owner of the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA), launched in 2009 and located on the banks of the Derwent River in the Tasmanian suburb of Berridale in Hobart.  Walsh is emerging as one of the more exceptional personalities in Australia’s contemporary cultural landscape.  This paper discusses Walsh as an exemplary example of the creative…


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Heroes, villains and all the usual suspects


Politics, media and the unfettered free market economy

 We don’t mix God with politics                                                 

“Bullshit is all the reasons we give for living. If we can't think up reasons of our own, we always have the God bullshit.”…


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The rise of neoliberalism: Australia’s beleaguered democracy

Australian political culture and its public policy-making has changed dramatically since the 1980’s, influenced by the gradual adoption of neoliberal ideologies by successive governments. Australian society is experiencing a political and economic shift from a social democratic nation in support of the welfare state; to a free-market based, neoliberal society with a decline in public spending and a rise in privatisation and deregulation. This influence is modifying…


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The US-AUSFTA, Convergence and the Australian film and television industry.




The 2004 US-Australia FTA ignited much debate about the anticipated benefits and shortcomings of this historic bilateral agreement and of whether Australia was well placed to take advantage of the opportunities that came with media convergence.  Now over a decade later, the socio-economic outcomes and cultural influences of the AUSFTA can be considered through hindsight.

This review examines literature that discusses the impact of the AUSFTA on…


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The American Dream is our nightmare.....

food for thought :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q2hykbWySDw&nohtml5=False 

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The Metaphysical Dreamtime

“The whole essence of truth cannot be transmitted from mouth to ear. Nor can any pen describe it, not even that of the recording Angel, unless she finds the answer in the sanctuary of her own heart, in the innermost depths of her divine intuitions.” — The Secret Doctrine 1888, 2:516


The Dreamtime and Gnosticism are two distinctly unique spiritual traditions that preserve and transmit their spiritual and philosophical knowledge…


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The bones of a city

Silent in the caves and caverns, sleeping, long forgotten, tucked deep under steel and concrete.



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Me, Myself and the Great I See!

While sailing the words of so many i's heard, I came to the Great Eye Sea,

"Avast ye!" called I, "Avast ye!"  (then remembering the coxswain is me...)
There's no one but me, no one but me,
"Just me and me"  Says I.  
Yet eyes rarely know what…

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Say Goodbye to The pristine beauty of the Kimberleys?.....Chevron/Woodside has just cut a deal

The big sell out of the Kimberleys   Say good bye to the pristine Kimbereley coast line of Australia. This remote and virtually untouched paradise, should be protected as a world heritage site, instead it's the planned site for a massive gas plant for the American company Woodside/Chevron, always…


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Beaurocratic Process is not the only fruit..It's April 2011 and still nothing...

This post was written two years ago.....still waiting for  an intelligent move on the part of Housing NSW.  


It's official.....The great hurry to claim back unused 'crown'? land for development has progressed no further than an allegedly "urgent" financial need to uproot a beautiful thing. A community space that had more than just potential, it was actualised. We requested relocation - it was about continuity - the voluntary work with troubled youth, the community joy of…


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A tale of two cupboards

A few weeks ago i bought a couple of cheap tallboys from Fantastic furniture...i swear it was the first time i've set foot in the place, but was encouraged by a friend to have a look as all i really needed was a couple of functional drawers. I chose a very plain inoffensive design that would blend into the wall.

We picked up the boxed pieces at the factory outlet and took them home. It was relatively easy putting them together and i couldn't wait to get all my junk out of sight in…

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turn off your TV, get off Facebook and ......Open your mind

"Some of the biggest men in the United States are afraid of something. They know there is a power somewhere, so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.."

— President Woodrow Wilson

Follow this link to the story told by Alex Collier...regardless of…


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'Cultural Quarter' for the rich clique?

TAP GALLERY Sydney, has been going for nearly twenty years, an open gallery system, surviving without any government or council funding whatsoever! (artists have received community grants for specific projects under the auspice of TAP, though the gallery itself is unfunded and NFP).
Strange that at a local City of Sydney 'cultural' meeting held right across the road…

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Emporers New Clothes Part 2

Last night i watched ABC's Four Corners coverage of the floods in Pakistan. As the images of a devastated nation unfolded, one has to ask:  Why isn't there enough food, water and medical services in this world to help them, why doesn't it get through,  we know there is PLENTY. We know governments think nothing of spending billions investing in military technology and related operations and more millions on political campaigns. We have banks and…


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